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From: Arnold Layne
Subject: Horny Straight ScottHorny Straight Scott
By Bacteriaburger I knew Scott from my high school, but we'd never really been friends.
He was a couple of years older than me. After I graduated high school I
went to college in the city, and one day during my second semester Scott
saw me on the street and we officially met each other. Over the next
couple of years we would see each other around town and say hello. I was a
junior in college when we ended up at a party together. He had a couple of
joints rolled up in his pocket and he and his friends invited me to smoke
with them. I had never really talked to Scott at length, but we ended up
getting along pretty well. It was good to talk to someone from my home
town, and we enjoyed sharing stories about the people and places we knew.
He told me that he sold weed, and since I was always in the market I
made sure to get his phone number before the end of the party. Soon enough
I was going over to his place a lot--he had an apartment in a quieter
neighborhood pretty far from campus, and it was always nice to get away
from the craziness of my college neighborhood and go Preteen Lolita Sites
chill at his
apartment. He had a nice place, he lived alone. He Preteen Lolita Sites still sold me weed on
a regular basis, but We'd also chill at his place, drink some beer and
smoke up, watch TV, that sort of thing.
We became best friends; we just fell into a natural rhythm of always
hanging out with each other. We had really good conversations--he was more
intelligent than most of the friends I had made in college, even though
he'd dropped out not far into his first year. We liked a lot of the same
music and stuff like that. There was another, deeper part of me that
enjoyed being with him--not so much an attraction. He was just really
nice, really confident and secure, not the type of guy to jerk you around
or anything.
When I'd talked to Scott at the party he'd mentioned having a
girlfriend, but a couple weeks later they had broken up. So Scott was
single, and had a lot more time on his hands, and I think he appreciated my
company for that. I'd Preteen Lolita Sites recently tried dating a girl, but it hadn't worked
out at all, and I was feeling pretty confused about my sexuality. Still,
it didn't occur to me that I might be attracted to Scott. He was just a
buddy who I got along with really well. I'd spent the day with some friends. It was a really nice, hot
summer day, and none of us had anything to do, so we all took a drive up to
the lake and spent the afternoon swimming in dirty water and Preteen Lolita Sites lounging in
the grass. After they dropped me off, I called Scott on his cell phone to
see what he was up to. He Preteen Lolita Sites was out picking up some weed, which was great
because I'd smoked all of my stash the day before, and I was really looking
forward to spending a relaxing summer evening getting high. Scott said
he'd be back at his place around eight in the evening, and I should come by
I cleaned up my apartment a little, ate some dinner, and decided to
walk over to Scott's. It was a beautiful evening, the sun hanging low in
the sky, and I was feeling very mellow from the swimming and the sun
earlier in the day. The walk was long but really enjoyable. When I got to
Scott's the sun had gone down.
Scott was weighing out the weed on his coffee table, listening to
some weird electronic music. We talked while he finished up the job.
Scott sounded kind of down, and I asked him why.
"I kind of miss her," he said, referring to his girlfriend. "I
guess I'm just sort of lonely...not to mention horny." We rolled up a joint
and passed it back and forth. It was good weed. I was feeling good all
Scott turned on the TV and turned out the lights. We watched an
episode of "Blind Date."
"Fuck that chick's hot," Scott said in reference to one of the
women on the show. It was hot in his apartment. He took off his shirt, so
all he was wearing were a pair of shiny blue basketball shorts. I was just
absently noticing what a good looking guy Scott was. He had thick, dark
hair that stood up straight from his head, and a goatee. His chest was
well built and hairy, he was a really masculine guy.
We hit Scott's bong during the commercial break, and another
episode of "Blind Date" came on. We watched the beginning of it in
"Fuck I am really horny!" Scott said, turning Preteen Lolita Sites to me and smiling.
"Me too, dude, me too..."
"I got some porno, want to pop one in?"
"Yeah, you got anything good?" Scott told me what movies he had as
he got up to get it. I realized I was hornier than I'd initially thought,
and they way things seemed to be going were even making me hornier. Were
we going to beat off together? It looked that way.
Scott stuck the movie in his VCR and sat back on the couch. I was
on the easy chair right next to him. The movie got started, "Black Anal
Cheerleaders." It was pretty hot. We didn't talk much; we just watched the
movie and got hornier. Finally, I noticed Scott started feeling his dick a
little through his shorts. I started to feel my own cock. Then Scott just
stuck his hand down his shorts and started stroking himself, his eyes still
glued to the movie. However, the sight of him in the blue flickering light
of the TV, his thick arm down the waistband of his shorts, a serious look
on his face, had me much hornier than the movie did. I unbuttoned my
shorts, unzipped my pants and slid my hand down my sweaty stomach under the
waistband of my tighty-whities. My cock was rock hard.
Scott looked over at me.
"This is pretty hot, huh?" he said.
"Yeah," I said, looking towards the movie. Scott was still turned
to me.
"I'll show you mine if you show me yours," he said, and smiled. I
"Yeah?" I said.
"Yeah, dude, let's beat off," he said, standing up to pull his
shorts down. He wasn't wearing any underwear, and his thick cock sprung up
from his crotch. It was big: heavy-looking, thick and fat. It hung at a
ninety degree Preteen Lolita Sites angle from a thick thatch of public hair. Scott stood there,
more or less in front of me, his head turned to watch the movie. He took
hold of his cock and stroked it lightly, while I watched him, intently.
He sat back on the couch and smiled at me.
"Your turn," he said. He meant it half-jokingly and we both sort
of chuckled, but in another way it was completely serious. I stood up and
pulled my shorts down, trying to act nonchalant. My cock was rock hard at
this point, and Scott was staring straight at it.
"Fuck, you got a big dick," he said.
"No way. Yours is way bigger."
"Want to compare?" he said. Again, it was a half-serious joke. I
sat back in the chair and stroked some more, trying to keep my eyes on the
movie. Scott was still glancing at my dick.
"Seriously, have you ever measured it?"
"No," I said, completely lying.
"It's gotta be like eight, stand up," he said, getting
up from the couch. I got up and we stood in front of each other, examining
each other's cocks. "Mine's eight inches."
"Yeah, but it's really thick," I said.
"Like mine stands up really hard, but yours is so heavy it hangs
over your balls," I said.
"It is fucking heavy," Scott said, holding his thick slab of prick
in his palm and heaving it up.
"Really?" I said, and I reached my hand out to feel it. "Yeah,
dude, it's really fucking thick," I said, lifting it up and down.
"Keep doing that and you'll make it even thicker," Scott said, so I
didn't take my hand away. I felt around his cock, I started stroking it a
little. I raised it up and stroked the whole length of it. I reached
under his balls and hefted them up, cupping his whole package in my hand.
Scott watched as I felt his cock. I kept stroking him, and by now he was
as hard as he was going to get. He put his hand on my shoulder to brace
"Fuck that feels good," he said. He started his rocking his hips a
little with my strokes. The feel of his cock in my hand was turning me on
to no end. I started feeling up his body with my other hand, running it
along hairy chest and stomach. Scott was getting more and more into it,
and I thought he was going to come. Preteen Lolita Sites
But with his hand on my shoulder he
started pushing me down. I knelt down in front of him and moved closer to
his dick. He had his hand on the back of my head, urging me toward him.
When I took the head of his prick in my mouth, I thought Scott was
going to collapse, his legs got so weak. I sucked on the end of his knob,
licking the pre-cum off the slit. I could hardly believe that I had my
good buddy's cock in my mouth, but it was turning me on so much I didn't
think about it too much. The taste and smell of it was incredible. I slid
my lips down his tool, taking as much of it into my throat as I could.
Scott moaned. I was sucking his cock, sucking him off.
Scott sort of fell back Preteen Lolita Sites on the couch and I followed him. I got in
between his hairy thighs. I lifted his cock up and tongued his balls, then
ran my tongue up and down his thick shaft. I started sucking his cock in
earnest, anticipating him cumming in my mouth, really wanting to taste his
thick cum and swallow it.
Scott was moaning, just totally going off and enjoying it. He pushed
on the back of my head, fucking my mouth. A couple of times he said stuff
like, "Oh yeah, suck my cock," which really fucking turned me on. I could
feel him getting closer and closer, his thick cock sliding really fast in
and out of my mouth. I wanted to suck the cum right out of him and Preteen Lolita Sites drink
it down, all hot and thick. I grabbed his balls and pulled on them, and
Scott let loose and started cumming. I felt the first jet hit the back of
my throat, and then the rest of his cum filled my mouth. Scott was
groaning, panting, holding my head impaled on his prick. I swallowed it
all; I couldn't believe how much it turned me on.
I stood up. My cock was rock hard and slick with pre-cum and I
started stroking it.
"Shoot it on me," Scott said, and it didn't take me but five seconds
before I did just that. I shot ropes of hot cum all over his hairy, sweaty
chest; and he started rubbing it into his chest, tweaking his fat nipples.
I was so turned on, I leaned down and started licking the cum and sweat off
of his body.
When we were finished he went and jumped in the shower. I turned off
the porno; "Blind Date" was still on. I watched it while I came down.
Scott came out from the shower wearing a different pair of basketball
"Whew, fuck, that was nice," he said.
"Dude, pack up your bong."
"Oh hell yeah," he said. "We have definitely got to do that again
sometime," he said, and I totally agreed. We talked about it some more,
pretty openly. I was glad things didn't seem tense or strange between us.
"I really got off on you sucking my cock," he said.
"I really got off on sucking your cock." Such was the beginning of a
strange and beautiful relationship that changed my life forever.
To Be Continued...Comments and suggestions are much appreciated:

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